By Adrienne Moore

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UC DAVIS (CBS13) — A first-of-its-kind surgery at UC Davis Children’s Hospital had a happy ending just in time for the holidays.

Doctors are celebrating a successful fetal surgery on a baby boy while he was still growing inside the womb.

Bobby Angeles and Khae Saetern named their little boy Matthew, which means “a gift from God.” It’s a fitting name when you consider the loss they’ve experienced and the loss they almost faced.

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In the last three years, they’ve dealt with infertility, miscarriages, a baby girl who was stillborn. Then their unborn son had a serious condition that threatened his life.

“Every moment, I am thinking when I’m driving, ‘Please God. Just take care of my son. Please God,’” Angeles said.

Matthew Tobias Saetern-Angeles was not expected to make it. But now two months later, he’s sporting a hearty head of hair and sleeping like a champ.

“We just wanted to scream down the hallways, we’re going home! we’re going home! In the car, we took a picture of each other with the baby. We’re on our way home, this is really happening,” Angeles said.

While still developing in the womb, Matthew was diagnosed with hydrops, which creates excess fluid in the chest. The options for the soon-to-be-born baby boy seemed to be beyond the scope of modern medicine.

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That’s when doctors at UC Davis Children’s Hospital stepped in with a suggestion that was both high risk and high reward.

“Everything happened so fast, so you really don’t have time to digest everything,” Saetern said. “We had our concerns and we had our questions, but ultimately, we left it to the doctor to decide what was in the best interest of the baby and my health.”

At 32 weeks, doctors made a small incision in Saetern’s stomach and used a catheter to drain the fluid from Matthew’s chest, completing the hospital’s first successful fetal surgery.

“Without that procedure, who knows where we’d be right now?” Angeles said.

The couple says the best part of bringing Matthew home is being able to put him in his crib. They’ve had a nursery decorated and ready to go for quite a few years and now they can finally use it.

Adrienne Moore

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  1. Remember: Hillary Clinton, without a tremble in her voice, during a campaign interview said she defended a “woman’s right to choose” all the way up to the birth of the child. Thank God that evil woman will never be our President.

    1. On the up side of the argument one could posit that if, God forbid, some crazed lunatic were to do away with Hillary Clinton, it could be seen simply as a late term abortion and thus nothing to be concerned about.

    2. Jim Wolfson says:

      Murdering your child is the only “choice” democRats allow. You can’t choose your healthcare, your doctor or even your toilet ….. but they are fine with infanticide.

      The ‘Rats are evil and deserve to be crushed, buried and forgotten. MAGA

  2. Thank God be didn’t get stuck with that vile woman Clinton. and God bless the family and their new baby.

  3. Wait, I’m confused, most of California says this is just a clump of cells and isn’t a life yet. How do you save something that isn’t alive? There seems to be some break in the logic of the original theory there.

  4. Baby???? It should read “UC Davis Doctors Perform Surgery On Mass Of Cells Still In The Womb” Liberals are outraged ! How dare they call that a baby!!!

  5. Yet libs will still stick to the insane argument that this is not a baby and not a distinct genetically unique human being.

  6. Jack Pyle says:

    God bless the happy family and their child but the irony of this miracle is not lost on those that appreciate the sanctity of life from the moment of conception.

  7. Life inside or outside of the womb is precious! Such a beautiful story!

  8. John F Robin says:

    “Doctors are celebrating a successful fetal surgery on a baby boy while he was still growing inside the womb.” Wait… so it’s a fetus AND a “baby boy”?

    Yes, he’s a “baby boy” if he’s wanted by his parents, but if unwanted, then he’s only “products of conception” to Planned Parenthood, who would crush his head and dismember him for the right price.

  9. Teresa Boyd says:

    Imagine the skill and courage of the medical team that performed this surgery. Imagine the countless setbacks that had to be conquered before science got us this far. Imagine the costs, financial and personal, these healthcare professionals undertook to gain this level of skill. Now imagine how much a professional athlete or celebrity is paid. I am never able to reconcile our priorities as a people.

  10. “sporting a hearty head of lettuce”? LOL!

  11. But, i thought babies in their mother’s wombs are not real people so how can a doctor perform a life-saving operation on something that doesn’t really exist???

  12. I guess not the time to talk about abortion rights.

  13. Asian countries for Asians.

    Black countries for Blacks.

    but White countries for everybody?

    That’s genocide.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for Anti-White

  14. Mark Calki says:

    So wonderful to read this article about love and the everyday miracle of a child. I am not especially religious but I know a miracle when I read of one. Blessings upon the parents, Matthew and the hands of the doctors.

  15. This is exactly why abortion is almost obsolete. Its time to make abortion rare.

  16. Hmmm, obviously more than a “blob of tissue” like the abortion supporters claim.

  17. John Taylor says:

    How can this be??!! I laid the foundation for calling these clumps of cells parasites! Now science has proven me wrong??!! I NEED TO BE RESSURRECTED NOW!!!

    Wait a minute! I was trying to channel Michael Jackson but somehow got Margaret Sanger! DRAT! I need to take this Ouija board back! 🙂

  18. When there is problems with fertility and childbirth it indicates a need to remove a possible curse. Don’t put up with it…remove it!!

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