RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) – Four fishermen were stranded after the gates of Nimbus Dam opened and increased the water flow around the island they were on.

The incident happened late Tuesday morning just below the Nimbus Dam on the American River.

Sacramento Metro Fire says some fisherman were on an island just below the dam gates. The gates were getting ready to open and when they did, the water flow increased to the point that the fishermen couldn’t make it back across.

A crew was launched to rescue the fishermen and bring them back safely. No one was injured.

Officials say the incident is a good reminder for people to know that, while in the dam area, to be alert of the sirens and sounds when the gates are opening so that you can make it back safely.

  1. Dan Nelson says:

    Okay, this is a perfect example of Darwinism. You’re sitting under a dam when all of a sudden deafening sirens and horns and lights on the dam start flashing and going off. Instead of doing the normal thing and getting the hell out of dodge, You ignore all the warnings and get trapped when the dam opens its gates. Yeah and somehow it’s my responsibility as a taxpayer to pay for saving your stupid ignorant ass. I’ve got an idea, next time let them drown. It might just raise the intelligence level of the American gene pool.

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