By Adrienne Moore

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A Roseville business says a delivery service allowed a homeless man to sign for its packages and leave with them.

The alleged theft happened at The Strum Shop in Roseville. The store isn’t missing a beat, but it’s missing key merchandise meant to go under customers’ trees for Christmas.

Each week, the shop gets dozens of deliveries. A special order guitar and ukulele were set to arrive, but owner Daniel Elliott says a homeless person camping in front of their business had other plans.

“They told me that somebody had signed for the package, and it turned out it was someone who was sitting outside,” he said.

He was hit with a bigger surprise when he called FedEx to sort out the problem.

“My first reaction was what crazy driver would be dumb enough to allow a random person to sign for somebody else’s package, especially when the business is clearly closed,” he said.

A FedEx representative issued the following statement:

The described behavior is not consistent with the professionalism FedEx demonstrates in safely and securely delivering millions of packages to customers every day. We take these matters very seriously and are working with those involved to resolve the issue.

While police are trying to track down the stolen goods, Elliott has placed a rush order in hopes the replacement instruments might make it in time for Christmas.

“The person who took the instrument is somebody who has been here regularly and I thought we had a good relationship with this person,” he said. “I’m just really disappointed.”

Adrienne Moore

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  1. Chris Keim says:

    Karma reared her head in this story

    1. “Karma”?? There is no such thing. If there were, there would be a lot of people with cancer-AIDs right now who don’t. And what did this small business man do to deserve a theft?? NO one “deserves” to be ripped off.