The Kings played like a junior high team against Houston last night. Rather than write a recap, I decided to start with what will be a weekly series of me showing you things I see on the internet.

One of the things the Kings DO have going for them is their badass mascot, Slamson. I love mascots. I am still quite the little child around them.

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But mascots torturing children? In football? Sign. Me. Up.


More mascot fun? Why yes I think I will.

One of the best videos in my internet history involves Rocky, the Denver Mascot. In this clip, he’s being lowered from the roof to pump up the crowd. I thought he was playing it cool at first, until I realized “oh my god he’s dead!”

Turns out he wasn’t dead, but passed out on the way down. But what really caps it off is the Denver PA announcer, AFTER a lifeless Rocky hits the court, screaming YEAHHHHHHHH ROCKYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!  You just have to watch….


No real way to introduce this one- let’s just say being a mascot is a tough job, and sometimes you fail:

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And finally, here’s something completely random. I grew up a sheltered boy in Carmichael, but my mom helped me out from time to time. When I was 10, she bought me the “We are the World” videotape, complete with the Jane Fonda-hosted MAKING of We are the World.

I probably watched this thing 300 times, and still have it memorized. But most of the time I watched it, I was a kid and these were contemporary artists (most of them).

Now? Many are either old or dead, and the sheer mass of talent that was in that studio late into a January night in 1985 is flooring. Take the time, and check it out. Everyone is in this thing:


As a bonus,  Rolling Stone has an excellent oral history of that magical evening:

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