By Steve Large

FAIR OAKS (CBS13) — A Fair Oaks woman says the U.S. Postal Service delivered death to her dog.

Julie Brown says a postal worker threw a package containing powerful medication into her front yard and her service dog in training ate it. Since the bag wouldn’t fit inside her mailbox, the postal worker left it inside her front gate where no one saw it before her dog Nahla tore into it.

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“Losing Nahla was like losing a daughter,” Brown said. “This was a good healthy dog — very sweet, very loving. And they just killed her because they were negligent.”

A postal carrier left an envelope full of syringes and prescription medication in her front yard. The syringes were scattered, but the pills were nowhere to be found.

“She was starting to seize and she was just making all kinds of horrible noises. You could tell she was in massive, massive pain,” Brown said.

The vet couldn’t save Nahla, leaving Brown with a dead dog and a $700 vet bill.

Brown, who is paraplegic and confined to a wheelchair, says at first her local post office agreed to pay the bill then decided not to.

A U.S. Post Office spokesperson issued a statement reading: “We have concluded that the Postal Service’s deliveries to Ms. Brown’s residence are in accordance with the Postal Service’s rules and regulations.”

Brown has filed a claim against the postal service, arguing they should have left a note asking her to come and pick up the medication.

She’s asking for several thousand dollars in damages.


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  1. Mary Jordan says:

    Unless there is special instructions on the package, I’m not sure how the USPS is responsible for the contents of the package. If the drugs were so harmful, why wouldn’t the company sending them require a signature? I purchased a bottle of alcohol once and they couldn’t leave the package unless someone 21 or older was there to sign.
    Sounds like the drug company needs to work on it’s delivery system. What if a young child finds that package?


  3. And, if the carrier would have left a notice, we would be hearing how difficult it is for this person to get to the Post Office to pick up packages, why can’t the carrier just leave it?

  4. Jeff Kincaid says:

    Carriers leave packages on the porch all the time. If we leave a notice and the customer has to come down to the station to pick up the package, then we get to listen to them complain. She should have set up a box or some safe place to leave her packages. People never want to admit that it was their own fault. Ups,FedEx would have done the same. Next time, pay more for and get signature confirmation! If you left your gate open and the dog got out and was hit by a car, who’s fault is it.oh, plus one more thing. Please make up your mind. Did he throw the package into your yard, or place it behind the gate out of sight of the public ?

    P.s. Sorry for the loss of her pet.

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