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WILTON (CBS13) – The aftermath of this week’s storm is being felt all across the valley. A family in Wilton is now scrambling to save part of their home after it flooded earlier this week.

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The flood damaged the walls and flooring in four rooms.

“I heard this crazy loud water sound and I called my husband. It was like a waterfall coming down the side of the walls,” said Nicole Bond.

Bond was preparing her guest room for friends who were forced to leave their home because of a flood warning, and had no idea her home would flood as well.

“Within 10 minutes it was going down my hallway — it was just a lot of water all at once,” she said.

Bond and her husband turned to the community for help and got more than they asked for.

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“People have just kept coming to bring groceries and food. With everything happening, it’s just hard to get to the daily tasks at the moment,” she said.

Bond says she had people at her home until 5 a.m. helping with chores and the flooding. She says couldn’t have asked for a better community to live in.

“We didn’t have to ask for anything; and to have people in your house without having to ask, that’s amazing,” she said tearfully.

The last week has been hectic for the Bond family, who has been using their living room as a sleeping space, making due with couches and mattresses to get through the night.

“They have to take down all the carpet, all the padding, and the walls,” she said.

Bond says she’s taking it one day at a time, as she and her husband rush to get their home back to normal before it turns into a living hazard.

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SMUD has given the family 10 days to repair all electric wiring in the home after they discovered faulty wiring from the flood damage.