DAVIS (CBS13) – A conservative political personality who was banned from Twitter for posting offensive comments will no longer speak at a scheduled engagement at the university, amid cries from protesters outside the lecture hall.

WATCH: Click here to watch LIVE video of the protest at UC Davis

The situation at UC Davis turned tense as supporters of Milo Yiannopoulos and those protesting his visit descended on campus.

Yiannopoulos is an openly gay conservative editor for Breitbart News who has criticized feminism, transgender rights, Islam, and the Black Lives Matters movement. Yiannapolous was invited to speak on campus by the Davis College Republicans.

After the event was canceled, he posted on Facebook that isn’t being allowed near the building because police “can’t guarantee everyone’s safety.”

yannopoulos' post

A UC Davis police spokesperson says there were no broken windows and no reports of hammers. One person was reportedly arrested inside of a building during a security sweep for resisting arrest.

Hundreds of students petitioned earlier in the week to have the event canceled, but the interim UC Davis chancellor said he would not ban Yiannopoulos from speaking.

“So right now we need to be more brave and stronger about saying no to the spread of hate speech in our communities,” said UC Davis student Emily Breuninger.

Controversial former pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli was also scheduled to speak at Friday’s event.

After the event was canceled, Shkreli appeared briefly and took pictures with some of his fans before being jostled and shoved by protesters then quickly whisked away by police officers.

Comments (4)
  1. Tell me again lefties, who exactly are the fascists? Who wishes to remove one’s freedom of speech thru violence? Mob rule, the stronghold of the weakest minds.

    I know it’s off topic, but our country is losing it’s freedoms. We have Donald Sterling forced to sell his NBA team, free speech not allowed on PUBLIC campuses, etc. We have expensive health insurance forced on all of us. Even auto insurance is forced on us (thank god for $25/month Insurance Panda coverage). What’s next? Mandatory phone insurance? We have taxes on top of taxes and our freedoms are slowly disappearing. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington would be rolling in their graves.

    Liberals are all bullies. They are non tolerant and don’t want any opposition.

  2. Andy Gilliss says:

    Milo isn’t racist or a fascist. This is all dumb hype raised by websites like Buzzed and Salon.com

    Sickening, really.

    Milo’s boyfriend is BLACK. Learn something about him before reporting on him.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge proponent of freedom of speech and everything and this guy and his crew of bullies can go preach in the quad for all I care but the moment the university allows him to use facilities paid for in part by student tuition, that’s where I draw the line. A public university SHOULD NOT promote hate speech of any kind, especially one that targets and hurts already vulnerable and marginalized folks such the LGBTQ community. You say freedom of speech but where’s the line to be drawn? You can’t say “fire” in a crowded theater if there’s no fire. We all already know that there are limits to our right, especially when they endanger others. If you are thinking, a little bit of hate speech never hurt anyone, check your privilege and then check the suicide rates for LGBTQ youth and then come talk to me. I’m proud of the UC Davis community for taking the time and putting the effort to stop this guy from spew his toxic and I’d say violent words at our university.

  4. Shkreli has fans? Really?

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