By Lemor Abrams

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — President Donald Trump’s executive order freezing federal hiring excludes the military and national security employees but will hit government programs and services.

Retirees waiting at the Sacramento Social Security office aren’t happy about the thought of longer lines.

“Fewer people working means longer lines waiting,” said one retiree.

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Alex Barrij believes fewer government employees means he may wait longer to straighten out his life after his identity was stolen online.

“He said he was going to give more work to people and he’s cutting it down,” said Barrij.

President Trump vows the hiring freeze won’t affect public health, but that’s little relief for some veterans at the Sacramento Veterans Hospital. Officials there have been determined to shorten wait times by hiring more doctors and nurses.

“They need more doctors and more nurses to make it easier on us,” said local veteran Bob Adams

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Tara Ricks, a spokesperson with VA Northern California Health Care System, says the hospital is still waiting on clarification from Washington to see whether hospital staffing will suffer.

“At this time we’re just gonna wait and see,” said Ricks.

Federal agencies have referred all media inquiries to their Washington offices, where representatives have no comment on the freeze.

“We do not have any details on the federal hiring freeze and the effect on VA. We assume it will take a few days for clarification. In the meantime, we will continue the great work of serving our Veterans,” said VA Northern California Health Care System Chief Public Affairs Officer Tara Ricks.


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