YUBA CITY (CBS13) – A local mother is begging for the death penalty after her daughter was allegedly murdered while stationed in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

First Class Private Shadow McClaine’s body was discovered earlier this week and investigators arrested two fellow soldiers.

“Shadow’s amazing. She is amazing and didn’t deserve this,” said her mother, London Wegrzyn.

It was supposed to be a welcome home to celebrate five years of service in the United States Army, but it’s with empty hearts they’ll never again see their daughter again.

“It’s hell; a living hell,” she said.

McClaine was reported missing in September after she failed to report for duty; found nearly 5 months later.

“Holding onto hope that maybe she was still alive, even however small, that’s what I was holding onto. On Wednesday we lost that hope, and lost a part of me,” she said.

Two fellow soldiers Sgt. Jamal Williams-McCray and Spc. Charles Robinson were charged in November with murder, kidnapping and conspiracy in the case.

Jamal was Shadow’s ex-husband.

“The only thing she is guilty of is falling in love with an evil narcissist,” she said. “I want them sentenced and I want them dead.”

Wegrzyn said her daughter asked to be transferred in fear for her life and believes something should’ve been done.

“I 100 percent not only fully blame the two soldiers involved, I blame the United States Army for failing my daughter,” she said.

McClaine would have been 26 years old and her mother said enrolling into college this spring.

To add insult to injury, the family said there’s a fake GoFund me page set up and are warning others not to be fooled.

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  1. Walt Reed says:

    God bless this beautiful girl, her life should not have been cut short as it was. While God may have mercy on the souls of the perpetrators, they need to be held accountable by man. They have forfeited their right to life. I will pray for the parents, I too lost one of my children in November and feel their pain.

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