By Lemor Abrams

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – One state lawmaker says regulators may be to blame for skyrocketing PG&E bills residents are reporting recently.

Senator Jerry Hill wants to investigate the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). He says something doesn’t seem right and he’s determined to find out what.

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Sen. Hill says the PUC is supposed to look at PG&E’s rates monthly based on supply and demand of the product, and transportation costs. Regulators are supposed to make sure there is no price gouging and that rates are legal and bills are accurate.

“I am concerned when I hear that rate payers are getting charged that much of an increase and using the same amount of gas. Something’s wrong,” Sen. Hill said.

We asked if Sen. Hill would be launching an investigation.

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“What we’re going to do is talk to the PUC; look at some examples of excessive rates and see how it happened; what’s the justification; was it legal and was the PUC advised about that before they allowed the increase to go forward during that month,” Sen. Hill said.

Sen. Hill said the investigation could last maybe one or two weeks at most.

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  1. Our Bill was otrageous as well. Willits CA. We had a 900+ dollar bill in January. This months bill is lower but still absurd. It’s 566.00. Put those two together and it’s more than our rent!!! We also have propane for our water heater and our heater. There is no way we used that much energy!

  2. Are we paying off P.G&E bill for Bruno fire? All needs to be investigated ! People on fixed incomes are struggling enough,something is definitely wrong!

  3. I got solar and the cost of gas has gone down to what it was all over yet PG&E is still going up and up for delivery charges on both, they are scamming us for their losses.

  4. Sukie Tawdry says:

    While you’re investigating the increased gas bills, Senator, please look into electrical also. We are all-electric and just got our highest utility bill ever. It’s triple the amount of our average winter bill (we’re in the Sierra foothills). I can’t imagine even the PUC would authorize such a drastic increase.

  5. ours went from $175.00 to $2000.00 the next month!!! waaaaaaatttttt…??? i thought maybe someone was leeching power off of us in december but we have no neighbors and very rural. but pg$e are all too happy to set up a payment plan! our place mostly runs on propane, which is separate. yeah something is Very wrong. they said nothing wrong when we called to find out what the hell. my husband is retired military vet, and im retired due to disability. and if we don’t pay?? they cut it off. should be illegal :/

    1. This is all ridiculously out of line and if their is a solution I need to know how to get in on it please.

  6. I received a bill from PG&E on March 17, 2017 for $478 . My condo is under 1000 sq. ft. On investigating the reason, I found that PG&E had actually gone back to November, 2016 and changed my bill to reflect a much higher rate. They rebilled for Nov. and Dec., removed the already paid electric charges for those months and changed the rate to a very high rate and sent out another bill for the same months. Is this legal? I hope not!! Rebecca Douglass, Stockton

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