Super Bowl LI is just days away and for all the frenzy of football related news and meaningless nuggets about extravagant spending by athletes and celebrities who’ve flooded Houston to partake in the countless festivities I’ve been pondering a very important question…

Which matchup is the more intriguing? Tom Brady vs. Matt Ryan or Tom Brady vs. Roger Goodell?

On one hand you have two phenomenal quarterbacks. Tom Brady is going for his 5th Super Bowl win, Matt Ryan is this year’s favorite to win the MVP award.

Both Brady and Ryan’s numbers are fantastic. Both teams’ media chatter is primarily focused on their offense while failing to give adequate credit where it is due…to their defenses.

Trust me I know the importance of a good defense. My Packers, God love Aaron Rodgers and that high-powered offense, couldn’t stop a three legged dog from getting into the end zone.

Then factor in the bromance that has seemed to develop over the past few years between the two.

According to Brady he and Ryan have been friends now for years and repeatedly text throughout the season, I’m sure to discuss how to achieve perfectly coifed hair. Matt Ryan then added to the gurgling you’re currently feeling in the pit of your stomach when he said Brady is his “longevity” model.

Maybe it’s just me but this news all elicits my gag reflex but, then again, I’ve never been one for overly girly verbal displays of affection.

More than anything this just makes me feel like Matt Ryan is more like the little lap dog that wants nothing more than to cuddle up on his master’s lap with those nice cozy recovery pajamas against his face.

Then of course there is the Brady-Goodell angle.

I’m not what one could call a Tom Brady fan. I won’t argue with the theory that he is/will go down as the greatest quarterback ever…but my quarterback allegiances lay elsewhere (see above #GoPackGo).

Having said that, I’d like nothing more than to watch Tom Brady absolutely stick it to Roger Goodell by winning his 5th Lombardi Trophy, forcing Goodell to hand him his loot all after dragging the face of the NFL through the mud for no reason other than flex his proverbial muscles.

Deflategate was one of the most asinine deplorable shams I’ve ever seen in professional sports – at least when it comes to actual on field/court issues. It dragged on for months and months (18 to be exact) and accomplished absolutely nothing other than Goodell illustrating he is all-powerful.

The crazy ironic laughable and equally sad thing in all this is that he has that power based on the ignorance of the very people he represents and is supposed to advocate for.

Wait a minute. There is a strange parallel I could draw here…

Thank goodness the players have a union that is well equipped to handle their best interests! Oh wait…

But in all seriousness, deflategate lasted 18 months and almost went all the way to the Supreme Court in the ultimate case of a pissing contest that did nothing but squander resources and waste the time of a legal system that has plenty of other issues that should supersede this kind of bull crap.

Rest assured though NFL fans. At his Super Bowl press conference Wednesday in Houston, Texas Roger Goodell said “I would tell you it’s not awkward at all for me.”

That makes me feel sooooo much better.


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