DAVIS (CBS13) – Police in Davis are investigating another hate incident targeting the city’s Muslim community.

The UC Davis Police Department says that overnight Friday into Saturday, someone left a package of pork tenderloins on the doorstep of an apartment on Orchard Park Drive, off of Russell Boulevard.

Officers say the residents of the apartment are Muslim. The incident is being investigated as a hate crime because of pork being a prohibited food for people of the Muslim faith.

No suspects have been identified so far, police say.

The incident comes after a series of hate crimes against Muslims around the area. In January, a woman was caught on camera smashing the windows at the Islamic Center of Davis. She also left bacon on a door handle. She has not been identified, but authorities did raid a home last week connected to the investigation.

Earlier in February, a Roseville Islamic center was the target of vandals. Much of the building was left defaced with hate speech aimed at Muslims. No suspects have been identified in this incident either.

  1. So leaving a box of meat in a doorway that didn’t have anything else in it is a hate crime and the cops are wasting time on this because? No writings on the box, no illegal drugs, nothing went bang and it’s a crime? So if somebody leaves non kosher food on somebody’s doorstep that a Jew is a hate crime also. This PC BS has gone too far. While the cops are wasting time investigating this how many rapes, assaults, robberies, home break ins are there going to be? Watch out, next will be using the wrong color paper to write notes on will be a hate crime.

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