SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — New legislation would install sensors along California’s roads that would automatically ticket speeding drivers, prompting concerns the program may not improve safety on state roads.

The sensors would only be activated on vehicles traveling 10 miles over the speed limit.

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The idea of a 5-year test program for speed cameras has opponents crying foul, fearing it could spread statewide. The group Safer Streets Los Angeles argues the cameras are more about money than safety.

“No matter how well-intentioned when they start out, they always devolve into money-making propositions,” said Jay Beeber. “We’ve seen this with automated red-light cameras.”

Assemblyman David Chiu says there are key differences between speed cameras and red-light cameras.

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“We are simply talking about a fine, like a parking ticket, less than $100,” he said.

No point would be issued against the driver’s record, and signs would be in place on streets where the cameras would be installed.

Still, critics argue it’s just a high-tech way to trap you behind the wheel. The cameras target a car’s license plate, which means the car owner is on the hook, no matter who was driving.

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San Jose and San Francisco would be part of the five-year pilot program, but it has the potential to go statweide.