By Marc Woodfork

Ice Cube returns to comedy in this film about a teacher who is accused of getting another teacher fired and is forced to fight after school.  Co-starring with Ice Cube is Charlie Day from the FX show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.   This is without a doubt incredibly stupid, mindless and barely any comedic timing but on that note, it’s very funny.  This film underachieves on almost every level, but its ability to throw out all the normal conventions of comedy and just have fun makes it work.

Charlie Day brings his own brand of comedy that audiences have loved from his time at “Always Sunny”.   Ice Cube plays the tough, rough around the edges, on-the-edge teacher that conflicts with Charlie Days’ mild-mannered character.  After a classroom incident with a student, Ice Cube’s character gets fired from his job and wants to beat up Day’s character after school.

“Fist Fight” is very funny.   There are many laugh-out-loud moments.  This isn’t Ice Cube’s funniest film, and you could pick and episode from “Always Sunny” and see Charlie Day at his finest, but “Fist Fight” works.  It takes your mind of everything and allows audiences to just have fun.


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