SACRAMENTO — Sacramento police are investigating a drive-by shooting that left four people injured in the 2500 block of 33rd Street in the Oak Park area.

One of the victims is in stable condition. Three others are in serious condition and were in surgery Saturday night.

Police are still searching for the suspects.

Police say the victims were attending a quinceanera at school on that block. For whatever reason, they four came outside, and that’s when they were shot.

A security guard warned people at the event to shelter in place for a brief while.

Police say the suspects were last seen driving northbound on 34th street. There is no description of the vehicle or suspects at this time, except that the suspect are armed and dangerous.


  1. Typical Oak Park. The hipster millennials who’ve recently moved in, think they can “gentrify” and turn the place into a copy of Midtown. I wish them luck, but there’s simply too much ghetto and gangs there, for that to happen.
    Oak Park has been a violent, lost cause for decades. It’s a poster child for welfare dependency and low expectations…hopeless, as long as democrats remain in charge.

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