VACAVILLE (CBS13) – Rescue crews are working to get a wayward sea lion back home safely.

Late Tuesday morning, authorities started receiving reports of a sea lion in Vacaville. As the Vacaville Fire Department soon found out, the sea lion had made its way into Ulatis Creek.

Crews are now working with Humane Animal Services and the Marine Mammal Center to get the sea lion back home. The mammal has made its way into a drainage pipe, somewhat complicating rescue efforts.

The pipe where the sea lion has crawled into. (Credit: Vacaville Police Department)

Several Vacaville residents have come out on Leisure Town Road to look at the sea lion and say hello as crews continue their rescue work.

Police say it is believed the recent storms helped bring the sea lion to Vacaville.

Vacaville is about 30 miles inalnd from the San Francisco Bay.


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