On Monday, I shared a few upset picks for the upcoming NCAA tournament.  Now that the games are bearing down on us, it’s time to fill out the rest of the bracket (go sign up for our bracket challenge! There’s prizes and stuff!).  You have until 9 AM tomorrow to get it done.  As a favor to you, I’ve done mine a day early, and I’m going to share my bracket with you!  It might hurt, it might help, it might do nothing at all – but since this whole thing is a total crapshoot, here’s how I have determined that the tournament will play out (click the image to enlarge):

Sure, I probably have too many double-digit seeds advancing, and beyond the obvious, my picks aren’t based around any sort of facts or logic.  One general rule I did follow: don’t trust Gonzaga.  One rule I didn’t follow?  Don’t trust Bill Self. Gotta compromise somewhere.

Argue away in the comments, but remember that you can get in on this with a chance to win up to $5,000 in AMEX gift cards if you sign up now for the CBS Bracket Challenge. Free, easy, and big prize potential.  And you can get bragging rights over a sports-opinion-haver like me.  Enjoy the games, may your bracket last longer than mine.


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