MARYSVILLE (CBS13) – Five homes in Marysville were raided Thursday in connection with an investigation into a marijuana cultivation operation.

Deputies served search warrants around 7 a.m. on three homes in the 5600 block of Shires Way, one in the 5600 block of Meadow Brook Way, and one in the 5600 block of Gold River Way. Inside each home, deputies discovered large indoor marijuana grows, according to a statement from the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department.

Six people were detained without incident in connection with the searches, and deputies estimate the homes contained several thousand plants.

The investigation reportedly stemmed from an incident in January when a resident living near one of the homes on Shires Way noticed a door on the suspect’s home was left open and called dispatch. The deputy came to the home and noticed signs of a marijuana growing operation. From there, the investigation expanded to include other homes and culminated in the raids today.

People were living in the homes. The relationship between those living in the homes and the homeowners is still being investigated.

Deputies say the investigation also involves people living outside of the area.

  1. This is what a sanctuary state really means: a great place for criminals to hang out.

    A good place to find illegals: all those pot grows up in the Foothills and Sierras.
    Cartels use them as low-cost labor, just like the legitimate farmers do.
    Also at “distribution centers” where the illegal alien mules, unload their backpacks full of pot, after crossing the border.
    ICE should work with narcotics agents, and ‘kill two birds with one stone’ : pot and illegals.

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