SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Denise Huskins confronted the man who kidnapped, raped, and threatened to kill her, staring down and delivering her court statement directly to Matthew Muller.

“Matthew Muller,” Huskins said. “The voice has a face, it has a name. Now we finally meet, face to face, eye to eye. I am Denise Huskins, the woman behind the blindfold. The woman you drugged, tortured, raped and attempted to manipulate.”

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Huskins testimony at one point, describing her sexual assault, and how she feared she was going to die, left her overcome with emotion.

FULL TEXT: Kidnapping Victim Denise Huskins’ Statement At Matthew Muller Sentencing

The testimony left many in the packed courtroom in tears, including those there to support Matthew Muller.

“Obviously when you hear it and when the family hears it its very shocking,” Muller Family spokesperson Steve Reed said. “And then to see the emotion from Denise and Aaron. That’s moving.”

Huskins also testified about not showing Muller fear during the 48 hour kidnapping.

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“If I were to die,” Huskins said, “if this was my last moment, hour, day on this earth I would not live it screaming, panicking, crying in terror.”

“She has courage that I could wish for my children,” Attorney Dan Russo said. “Her courage in not begging for her life, and for maintaining herself through this situation, she’s an amazing person.”

Huskins’ boyfriend Aaron Quinn–who was also tied up and drugged–also spoke for the first time, testifying the pair still live in fear that Muller did not act alone. They live with an anxiety they continue to be watched.

“Aaron and Denise are the most courageous young people I’ve ever met in my life,” Aaron Quinn’s mother Marianne Quinn said.

Muller was in the courtroom in shackles, wearing an orange jumpsuit and clack rimmed glasses. He told the court in a prepared statement he was “sick with shame.”

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A judge called the crimes he committed “atrocious” and “heinous” and issued Muller a 40-year sentence.