Last time we checked in, I showed you all my awful tournament predictions, which were partially based on my definitely-not-terrible upset picks.  Now that the first weekend is in the books and we’ve trimmed the field down to sixteen, let’s take a peek at how I’ve fared so far (click the image to enlarge):

Let’s start with the good news: I still have my champion (UCLA), and three of my final four remain.  The bad?  Just about everything else.  I completely butchered the East region, thanks to Villanova, South Carolina, and SMU.  Also, exactly one of the three upsets I wrote about actually happened, which is not a good percentage.  I will also take solace in fact that six of my final eight still remain, even if the path to get there wasn’t how I expected.

Jump into the comments or tweet at me to share who it was that busted your bracket, and who you’ve got winning it all.  If you’re part of our CBS Bracket Challenge, check up on your results here.