SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The racing community is devastated to hear the Sacramento Raceway may be closing.

It has been around for nearly five decades, but the owner said it has been a fight with the county for nearly as long and feels forced to close it down.

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“Just live and breathe the lifestyle of drag racing,” said Chaysee Trimp in front of the track Wednesday night.

The Sacramento Raceway has been a second home to Trimp since he was born.

“To see this place close would be a tragedy,” he said.

His grandfather Dave Smith bought the rural property just south of Mather Airport in 1969, and since then, it’s brought a rush to every race enthusiast.

“I watched my dad be a champion out here. I’m 42 years old and I’ve been out here. When I was four days old…they brought me from the hospital, I can here,” said Ed Bradell of Sacramento.

The family-operated raceway just hit the market, and the owner is asking for $11 million.

“I’m devastated, seriously devastated,” Bradell said.

Complaints about noise have plagued the track for years. Sacramento County says it recorded levels up to 130 decibels 100 feet away from the drag strip.

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It also happens to sit right in the middle of a planned new 1,300-acre development project that would bring hundreds of new homes and businesses.

“We kind of saw this coming, but it was tough to see that it was outlined on our 200 acres,” Trimp said.

For many of these race fans, it will be the end of an era — a place they hoped would be around for generations to come.

“It’s not a good feeling knowing that I won’t be able to stand with my kids winning here,” Bradell said.

The raceway has been one of the few places where drivers can legally put the pedal to the metal, and, for now, they’ll continue to do so.

“The listing agreement is really just trying to test the waters and be prepared for that inevitable outcome,” Trimp said.

Now some drivers are concerned if the drag strip closes it will lead to an increase in illegal street racing.

The closest tracks are in Sonoma and Redding, and race fans say it’s just not the same.

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There have been petitions circling around social media and the owner’s grandson said they’ll keep it open and running for as long as they can.