By Steve Large

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Two suspects are dead after a Stockton police pursuit ended in a violent crash on Hammer Lane and Alexandria Place.

A third suspect in the car survived and is in custody.

The suspect vehicle swerved into oncoming traffic, hitting a pedestrian and several cars before flipping over.

Police radio recordings reveal the chase started only minutes before the crash.

Stockton Police dispatch recording: “I’m in the fourth car back, everybody that’s in it now, stay in it. We’ll keep that as the pursuit.”

Stockton Police dispatch recording: “Speeds are about 50.”

The suspects, wanted for attempted armed robbery and brandishing a firearm, did not stop when police first tried to pull them over.

Stockton Police dispatch recording: “I’ve got the radio. Hammer and Alexandria. 901 rollover. Hammer and Alexandria rollover 10-4 we’ll start medics.”

Stockton Police dispatch recording: “And we’re going to have a huge 901 scene I have a pedestrian down that was hit by a vehicle.”

Witnesses described a wild crash scene.

“It looked like a Hollywood movie, just the way it was driving and the way the car flipped,” Philip Rodriguez said.

This deadly pursuit comes nearly three years after the tragic Bank of the West robbery, and pursuit that led to hostage Misty Holt-Singh’s death.

An investigation found 60 Stockton officers self-deployed in that pursuit, and that police supervisors lost command and control of what became a rolling shootout.

In this chase, in which there was no hostage and no shots fired, a supervisor was among the officers in the pursuit that ended in a violent collision with two suspects dead and emergency crews called to treat innocent bystanders.

Stockton Police dispatch recording: “Got some people that were hit in a car here. I got a pedestrian that was hit by the suspect vehicle.”

Police reported they have recovered pieces of gun from the suspect vehicle. The suspects killed were not identified, although a police spokesperson says they were teenage males.


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