STOCKTON (CBS13) — State and local law enforcement are going after some of the most well-known gang members in and around the Stockton area.

Police plan to release details about the raids during a news conference on Thursday afternoon.

“All I heard was “boom” and then “police police,” said one man. Police confirmed that his house was raided by police early Wednesday morning.

“I’m asking them what’s going on? What’s going on?” said the man holding his hands up.

The man says police came through the house, knocked down his bedroom door and surrounded him.

“Up on my bed like this with a gun in my face,” said the man, reenacting the morning’s encounter with police, “telling me to put my hands up.”

He says his kid’s room was searched. Couches in the living room were flipped up, and the garage was picked through.
Police told the man they were looking for gang members, drugs, and weapons.

“Only thing they left with was our cell phones, tablets and that’s it.”

This was one of the spots targeted in the round of raids taking place in Stockton Wednesday night. The man says his family is not involved. However, police told us they did take evidence and arrest someone in front of the house.

Tactical vehicles from several organizations were spotted in other nearby neighborhoods throughout the morning. We don’t yet know whether the hits were successful or not.

This isn’t the first time the city police and other agencies have come together to cast a wide net and crack down on gang activity.
In May 2016, Operation Bloodline resulted in 52 arrests. Police seized 22 guns, 41 pounds of drugs and $12,000. In 2015, as part of Operation Cease Fire, police arrested 76 people and confiscated 68 weapons, 31 pounds of drugs, and $89,000 in cash.

Police will announce the results of the current raid on Thursday afternoon.