GRANITE BAY (CBS13) – Placer County law enforcement is offering a stern warning about what you share on social media.

Investigators say three teenagers crashed a Granite Bay party posted on Snapchat and allegedly tried to rob party goers with a shotgun.

The girl hosting the party only wanted Granite Bay residents to show up. But after one of the attendees posted about the party on Snapchat, a trio of young men from the Placerville and Cameron Park area decided to show up.

Placer County deputies say one of the suspects got into a fight with someone at the party, went to his car, and came back with a shotgun. He reportedly demanded cash. When the partygoers didn’t comply, a fight broke out.

Deputies arrested the suspects as they tried to take off.

The three arrested include 18-year-old Austin Eric Keefauver, who deputies say was the one who pointed the weapon, and 18-year-old Daniel Munoz and a 17-year-old who allegedly took part in the fight.


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