Carmichael Dave shares a link to the State of California's unclaimed property website, where he and a few friends found a surprise waiting.

No…..this is not a scam or a joke.

So since its Friday, I thought I’d have some fun, and hopefully help you have some fun.

A year ago, and old school friend of mine sent me a link to the State Controller’s office. Apparently, there’s like billions in unclaimed property in California alone. I put my name in, and lo and behold I had a little over 400 bucks from an old phone bill I apparently overpaid or something (I didn’t ask questions).

Still a little leery (but emboldened by the fact that this was the official State Controller’s site) I filled out a form that took me about a minute. Guess what- 3 weeks later I had a check!!!

So I posted it on Facebook, and it came back up on FB memories today. Thought I’d share.

Just follow the link, and see if you’ve won (its like an instant lottery!!!)

Also, say goodbye to the rest of your day, as I guarantee you will then start searching for people you know to see if they have money too. I found a bunch of people I knew had stuff waiting, one of my friends had 2200 bucks (and didn’t even buy me dinner.

All I ask is if it works out (and you feel like sharing), let me know on twitter: @carmichaeldave

Happy Hunting!!!!


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