TURLOCK (CBS13) – It’s the punch that’s raising red flags against white supremacist, Nathan Damigo, a California State Stanislaus student. And the video has now gone viral.

The video, posted by WeAreChange.org, shows Damigo punching Louise Rosealma, a Trump protester, at Saturday’s Patriots Day Protest in Berkeley.

Damigo has been a controversial figure on campus. The self-proclaimed white nationalist once tweeted that, “Non-Whites are incapable of replicating White culture.”

The 30-year-old was given a less than honorable discharge from the military after two tours of Iraq. And he is the founder of the group Identity Europa, which believes, only through “action” will they be able to assert the European heritage, as indicated on their website.

Damigo has been causing controversy going back to last fall for his controversial ideas about white supremacy. Many have tried to shut him down, but the university refused, citing free speech. Some are hoping this latest violence might be enough to get him expelled.

“Honestly, that’s so disrespectful,” said Manisha Rajju, a junior at Stanislaus State. She disapproves of Damigo punching the woman, but doesn’t think it warrants his expulsion.

“I’m pretty sure there were other people from different campuses and they are not getting expelled from their school. And it’s not like his is a harm to the people on campus,” she said.

“Because of what Trump has said, it’s spurred on White nationalists types,” said Joel Magana, a local teacher and a CSU Stanislaus graduate.

He’s adamant that Damigo’s assault does not represent the values of the university. He finds the rise of the “alt-right” troubling, but believes all voices have the right to be heard.

“The decency that this country has been established on, that will prevail. Their crazy ideals and their crazy ways of behaving and thinking, that will diminish,” believes Magana.

Many have come to Damigo’s defense online, pointing out that the woman he hit had her fists drawn, and saying that she came out looking to fight.

CBS13 reached out to Damigo for comment, but got no response.



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  1. Louise Rosealma Is a sucker and a porn ho!

  2. Wow! This is exactly why the press is the enemy of the people. The woman is a member of Antifa, a radical anti-free speech group that uses and encourages violence to shut down people’s rights, and she was the aggressor. Furthermore, she posted her intention of committing violence in the name of Antifa PRIOR to attending the event. It’s interesting so much time, effort, and print was used to demonize the man but virtually no effort to discuss the woman and her affiliations – which are, in very the least, equally as disturbing and dangerous as then man’s, and pretty easy to find. Do your job! Ask the hard questions of EVERYONE – not just those you all ready condemn, and present the information – don’t try and skew it- trust your viewers/readers to have enough critical thinking skills to form their own opinions and questions. Quit abusing the freedom of the press to push your agenda!

  3. Agree 100%! She went there looking for trouble, MANY punches were thrown by MANY of those in masks… she even had a mask that had been pulled down. You can see it around her neck.
    Channel 13 your reporting is biased BS!

  4. Venus Rosales was just aching to take “100 NAZI scalps”. She should have learned to take a punch.

    Or at least bleached her brown eye in some of those pictures.

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