SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A California State University, Stanislaus student is back in the public eye after a video from a weekend of protests shows him punching a woman in the face.

Nathan Damigo was involved in some controversy last fall after launching a campaign to recruit members for his pro-white advocacy group called Identity Europa. 

The woman in the video, Louise Rosealma, spoke out for the first time since the punch on Saturday.

“It’s just really petty and pathetic that this is all they have to grab a that they knocked over a 90-pound person,” she said.

Rosealma identifies herself as anti-fascist and says she came to voice her opposition against racism and hate rhetoric, but she didn’t expect to become a target of violence.

“I didn’t expect it to be a neo-Nazi leader of one of the biggest organizations featured, but I was expecting there to be violence,” she said.

Criminal defense attorney Tai Bogan watched the video of the punch, saying both sides were violent during the protest and it would be hard to figure out who was the victim.

“Are charged warranted? Possibly,” he said. “He clearly punched someone’s face, but question is, is it justified?”

Damigo is a white nationalist who found himself in hot water in October when he launched a campaign to recruit members to his white-only group Identity Europe. He described it as “a message of empowerment to people of European heritage.”

Despite Damigo’s background, Bogan says the assault doesn’t appear to be a hate crime.

Rosealma says Damigo’s attack was meant to send a message of victory against non-right-wing groups in predominantly liberal Berkeley, and that she never intended on using violence to get her message across.

“Our goal of going up there was to be physical bodies in the space, to just show that there was opposition to neo-Nazi rhetoric because they were there to intimidate,” she said.

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  1. Too bad her story is a complete lie, let’s see if you report on the truth that she went there intent to cause violence, and is seen in footage throwing glass bottles before she got punched

  2. Too bad she went to the protest to ‘collect nazi scalps’ intending the whole time to incite violence…guess what? She got her wish and what was coming to her…a fist in the face.

    Check out her hairy vag porn….nasty….used to be a quality girl before college ruined her.

  3. Tex Ifornian says:

    She wanted a brawl, she got one.

  4. Gary Ely says:

    She came to fight and intimidate. Looks like she got the fight and the intimidation. I would have hit her, too. She is a very nasty porn “actress.”

  5. Karnak says:

    Seems like folks here are siding with a guy who was kicked out of the military, is a convicted felon for armed robbery, and is an avowed racist because he punched a girl half his size who people say did porn and contrary to rumor, there are no videos of her throwing anything, and people who come to fight do not bring $3000 worth of camera gear with them.

  6. Not really a zero-sum game – no “side” to take – they’re both fascists who’ll use violence and intimidation to get attention and influence (that’s what most of them acting out is about – they’re stroking their own ego, with all the metaphors that go along with that.)

    But if you want to discuss who represents the greater danger to society – his group or hers – it’s very definitely hers. They’ve shown far greater numbers, and are far more willing to use violence than any of these neo-nazis, who’ve always been treated as circus sideshows – their numbers are tiny, no one takes them seriously, they have no power – it’s only since Trump was elected that the media has decided they suddenly represent some bogeyman with which to scare the sheep, and not something to point and laugh at anymore.

  7. Steve Neely says:

    Sacramento? Isn’t that the city where the so-called “anti-fascists” attacked so-called “white nationalists” with clubs while the police watched?

    Did CBS devote a story to any of the objects of those assaults or question the negligence of the cops?

    Partisan bias is to CBS as water is to a fish. They can’t see it because they swim in it.

  8. Jack Frost says:

    IF the progressives were consistent rather than “convenient”, wouldn’t / shouldn’t they be warm and fuzzy that this female antagonist was “treated equally as a man would have been”? NOPE… It’s ALL about what the “convenient argument” is, i.e. the one that grooms the news to the progressive agenda.

  9. I’m a girl and I will say this, she shouldn’t have come at him like that. The liberals were there to hurt people and do damage. I believe his punch was reactionary if anything. If you think just because you are a girl you can grab someone and/or put your hands on their neck well…. you are looking for trouble.

  10. Louise Rosealma identifies herself as anti-fascist. I identify ‘her’ as a typical democRat leftist.

    ‘She’ looks like ‘she’ smells like pee.

  11. Jeff Hill says:

    1. If she and her “comrades” are so certain of the rightness of their cause they would not only allow the other side to speak but encourage it so they could expose the so called “hatred and bigotry” espoused by the free speech crowd. (I think their handlers are scared to death they will hear something that will cause them to question their communist indoctrination and eschew it)

    2. She went there with the intent of depriving a number of American citizens of their civil rights using any means necessary. That she is surprised or feels victimized because people would not surrender to her demands is evidence of her lack of cognizance of the rights of others and proof that she is what she claims to oppose.

  12. Joe Deats says:

    This article as written is the reason people don’t trust the neo liberal media. Please continue to relegate yourself to the past.

  13. She wrote on her twitter that she was going there to collect a hundred “Nazi scalps”. Doesn’t sound innocent or non-violent to me. Other videos not included here show her wielding a bottle. The police made the FREE SPEECH/LIBERTY supporters go through a check point to insure they were not carrying anything that could be used as a weapon.

    Conversely, the police allowed “Antifa” through with explosive fire works, poles, pepper spray, and other weaponized objects. Then the police hid in their police cars and let the violence rage.

    With bare hands the FREE SPEECH/LIBERTY supporters stood their ground against the surrounding armed mob and pushed them back. Antifa had their women on the front lines taunting and threatening and positioned to take any blows. The FREE SPEECH/LIBERTY supporters kept their female counterparts behind them to protect the fairer sex, being biologically and morally astute.

    These are the same females who screech about equal rights, gender norming, and other ideological idiocy. Then when they get the treatment they demand they revert to a hapless damsel. Oh please!

    Just goes to show what men of courage and conviction can and will do against overwhelming odds in a just cause.

  14. Are you referring to the raw porn actress who was throwing wine bottles at Trump supporters, and tried to punch a man in the throat? Do you presstitutes always lie so by omission of relevant facts?

  15. Walker Evans says:

    Throw them both in the slammer.

  16. Guest Guess says:

    she got what she came for ….so whats her complaint?

  17. Edward James says:

    she deserved it. said she was going to collect scalps, had gloves on the man’s throat. stop propagating her lies.

  18. Dee Shot says:

    She clearly had an agenda and I have no problem with her getting more than she bargained for. What does concern me is how many on the right are ignoring the fact that a lot of their “supporters” are self-proclaimed neo-nazi’s and white-supremacists… Is this really who you want representing you and the republican party??

  19. Billy Plante says:

    Did you cover the part where she was making IEDs? Did you cover the part where she intentionally went looking to fight?

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