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Dave and Nate talk the NBA Playoffs, Marshawn Lynch, and Isaiah Thomas playing through the tragedy of losing his sister in a car accident for Morning Brew. Then, more on Isaiah Thomas and Charles Barkley’s comments about the loss of Thomas’ sister. Finally, a recap of game 1 of the Rockets, Thunder series.

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Dave and Nate discuss the long Sacramento Kings playoff drought before Threefer Madness featuring Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the NBA Players Association, and the UFC.  Then, more on Kareem’s legacy and why he doesn’t receive all the recognition that he should.

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Dave and Nate run through some of the top moments from the first games in round 1 of the NBA Playoffs. Then, some talk on Rudy Gay and his player option to stay with the Kings or test free agency. Finally, Re-Brew to end the show.

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