Carmichael Dave attempts to attack the Twitter mailbag

I tend to blog a couple times a week, but I haven’t done a mailbag in a while. I’ve styled it as “Dear Davey”, because that’s super original. As usual, I tweet out that I’m doing a mailbag, here are your questions:

Good question Chris, and one of the more popular ones I’ve received. A lot of pressure on this year’s draft, with the Kings holding what now is likely to be the 8 and 10 spots. Unless you were being offered some serious high 1st rounders in the future, I think the Kings have to make their play with this year’s draft. But if a bad team offers a 1st next year and a 1st in 2020, you have to listen.

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Depends. THIS is the most popular question I’ve received. The answer here lies with an ex-King: Isaiah Thomas. Assuming you do in fact have the 8 and 10, Danny Ainge would have to take a hard look at making that swap IF he’s decided IT is his guy at the point long term. Knowing that its a near lock that Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball go 1 and 2, Ainge would in fact be trading down 6 spots (not 8) to get the 10 pick as well. But for the Kings, are you so sure that Fultz or Ball are the ONE that its worth trading two top 10 guys? Is Fultz worth say Josh Jackson and Lauri Markkanen? That’s why GMs get paid more than we do.

After some initial excitement, I’m cooling on the possibility of a Hinkie acquisition. I don’t know for sure, but I think he may have kicked the tires and not liked what he saw. Either way, don’t see it happening.

As far as C-Webb goes, I keep hearing whispers. I don’t know what or how, but I get the distinct impression that he will be a part of this team sooner rather than later, in some capacity. Putting former players in different positions in the organization has become a bit of a thing, I don’t see why the Kings wouldn’t try to land the biggest fish of all. Webber has made no secret of wanting to get into the business side of the NBA, and star power that bright is impossible for Vivek to dismiss.

The draft day trade for Jimmer Fredette and John Salmons will always baffle me, especially because it was Geoff Petrie with the blood on his hands. Oh yeah, also because their pick was 2 before Kemba Walker, 4 before Klay Thompson, and 8 before Kawhi Leonard. So yeah….BARRRRRFFFFFFF.

Dammit Akis.

See guys, Aykis helps run that garbage blog Sactown Royalty, which is notorious for printing fake Rudy Gay news, and having a social media guy that is addicted to sour patch kids and cats. So of course he’d ask the toughest question of all.

I know its cheating, but can I pick the inaugural season’s team? Sure they made the playoffs, but did they really? They went 37-45 (seriously) and got swept by the Rockets. All the characters on that team, from Tank Thompson to Woody Woodson and of course the uber-sexy Reggie Theus……they were Gods in this town. And of course one of the greatest wins of my entire childhood against the immortal Boston Celtics. That’s right Larry, miss those free throws.

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If the Kings aren’t in the playoffs by time they convey that pick, Vlade won’t be feeling pressure (at least not in Sacrament0). I imagine he’d be on a beach somewhere.

Ok, now we’re getting somewhere. No, its not a soup, its a stew. And its awesome. So good, so versatile, and actually can be made fairly healthy if you do it right. #TeamChili

Yeah ok, was waiting on this one. So yesterday, my co-worker and sister-in-arms Kayte decided to treat me to a massage. No, not the kind that would get me divorced, but a real professional massage. Only problem is, when I got into my massage room, the masseuse looked like Popeye. Seriously. Shorts with a tattoo of an anchor on his calf, and a ponytail. I felt like it would be rude to leave, but I had never been massaged by a dude before (and had I set up the appointment before Kayte, that streak would still be alive).

Truth be told, it was a pretty good massage, but I just couldn’t relax mentally. I try to be as woke as the next guy, and no I’m not a phobe, but I just wasn’t down with Popeye massaging me. And every time he leaned over me to get an angle or whatever, I felt something on my arm. Maybe nothing, but maybe a sausage. Who knows. I made the mistake of sharing the experience on the air this morning, and of course my goof nut listeners made it into a Seinfeld episode.

So to answer your question, if there was movement, it was an innie, not an outie.

I don’t, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. What I CAN see happening is Bogdonovic handling the ball. Word has it that the Kings are so impressed with his handles, that unless a massive name drops to them, they may not draft a point guard at all, re-signing one or both of Darren Collison and Ty Lawson, while also allowing Bogdonovic to handle the ball quite a bit as well.

As far as trading up? Don’t be totally shocked if they go after the 3 spot and try to grab Josh Jackson, if available.

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Well this seems like a good spot to end.