By Macy Jenkins

11 a.m. Friday Update: Detectives have arrested the 18-year-old for the woman’s death. He has been identified as Neven Glen Butler.

Previous story below:

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – One day after the brutal murder of an 86-year-old woman at Highlands High School, investigators revealed they have a person of interest in custody. He was arrested Wednesday afternoon near Fair Oaks and Howe after physically assaulting an elderly woman.

“It’s really kind of creepy that someone is like out there specifically targeting elderly people,” said Alex Jullig, who lives in the Arden area. “It’s kind of like out if this world really!”

Wednesday’s incident was the third attack on an elderly woman in one day. Investigators with Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department are still trying to connect the dots but say the suspect’s motive appears to be sexually assaulting elderly women. They believe the suspect sexually assaulted 86-year-old Fusako Petrus and her 61-year-old friend.

Police say the 18-year-old suspect sexually assaulted an elderly woman out of the blue Wednesday afternoon. He was still on-scene when deputies arrived.

“I always see this neighborhood as on the safer side,” Jullig said. “A lot of good people live here and yeah absolutely not I would never expect that to happen here.”

Deputies say the man lives near the school and matches the description of the suspect seen attacking the two women on the school’s track. Investigators haven’t released his name yet, but we searched the arrest log at the department and found a record for an 18-year-old with a North Highlands address. An address that’s less than a mile from the high school.

“I’m in total shock that something like that should take place in a wide open area,” said Richard Haase, who lives close to the school.

The arrest log listed the arrest location as the Woodside Healthcare Center: a rehabilitation facility one block from Fair Oaks and Howe. Management told CBS13 they had no comment and asked us to leave.

The man arrested yesterday faces two felony charges for assault and willfully causing elder abuse. But Haase says whoever is responsible shouldn’t be let off easy.

“Age is really meaningless,” he said. “If it’s a baby or 86-year-old woman or 100-year-old woman, they should not die before their time.”

Sheriff’s deputies are working with the district attorney’s office and hope to learn more over the next few days. The person of interest in the Arden case is set to appear in court tomorrow afternoon at 1:30.

Comments (102)
  1. Paul Lockyer says:

    We need national concealed carry so you poor suckers in the Blue states can defend yourselves.

  2. Greg Coe says:

    I hope he gets violently a$$ raped in prison so bad that he dies from his injuries.

  3. Brian Punter says:

    CBS is concealing the fact he’s a kneegrow since dat beez racissss & sheeit agiinst dim Ejypshunz!

  4. Timmy Barnes says:

    100% Guarantee that the suspect is negro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. …sad that you have to go to another country to get the truth…as well as a picture of the suspect! Typical US media

  6. burnet1187 says:

    Let me guess. His name is Hernandez, or Sanchez, etc., and he is in the country illegally. Right?

  7. Mark Parksel says:

    This is part of Obama’s legacy, his nasty rhetoric inciting criminally minded African Americans to commit acts of terror against the most gentle in our society. He smiles deep down about stuff like this.

  8. The article says, “Deputies say the man lives near the school and matches the description of the suspect seen attacking the two women on the school’s track.” But then, we seem not to HAVE that description. And — dig it, CBS — that TELLS us the description. When will you shed the PC brank that you wear and report the news completely without fear or favor?

  9. Tobias Keith says:

    It’s a crime to attack men, too, not just babies and women. Figured it was a son of Obamama, if he had a son.

  10. Bob Ho says:

    What? he was just doing what Opera told him and his brothers to do, kill old people..

  11. James Milber says:

    Yes—- your “suspicions” are correct. Who’d of guessed that you’d all be able to guess the “demographic details” of the murderer, when the murderer happens to be a small minority demographic that only takes up 12% of the population. You guys must all be psychic or something—– everyone got that answer dead on. Yes, google image search his name: Neven Glen Butler – and you’ll find his picture quite quickly.

  12. Rico Soiree says:

    Black male suspect, Neven Butler. MSM is too cowardly to note race. It wants women to be terrified of young white Amish males.

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