By Steve Large

FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — Only on CBS13, we’re hearing from one of the two undocumented workers detained at Travis Air Force Base by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers.

“I am a good guy,” Hugo Mejia said. Mejia is being held at the Rio Cosumnes Corrections Center in Elk Grove, facing deportation back to Mexico.

He asked to speak for most of the interview in Spanish.

Mejia told CBS13, he came to the U.S. looking for an opportunity “just like anybody else.” The only crime he says he committed is that he came here illegally. But he said his country (Mexico) doesn’t give him an opportunity for a future.

Mejia and his undocumented co-worker Rodrigo Nunez were both arrested at Travis Air Force Base. The pair were going through the military base security on their way to a construction job at David Grant Medical Center.

Mejia said he didn’t know the hospital would be on a military base.

Mejia told CBS13 he gave security his legal California issued driver’s license number and his car registration but left his social security number blank because he doesn’t have one. He filled out his taxpayer identification number in its place.

ICE issued a statement reading in part, the pair was arrested by “a fugitive operations team after they were notified of two foreign nationals attempting to gain entry into the military base.”

Crowds in Mejia’s hometown rallied for his release, while the democratic Congress member representing where he and his family have lived called the arrest excessive.

“This is the kind of inhumane deportation that even President Trump has said we weren’t going to see,” Rep. Jared Huffman said.

Both Mejia and Nunez have been deported before. Under federal law, a judge does not have to hear their case before they are removed from the country. Their lawyer is fighting for a hearing.

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  1. As a government contractor I find the article humorous. Who would have guessed,U.S military bases are not sanctuary locations.

  2. Jack Frost says:

    Isn’t it OBVIOUS that the “practical, decent solution” is to implement a PRACTICAL, REASONABLE VISA program to facilitate the entry of good, decent non-welfare seeking temporary immigrants who could EARN the right to stay longer by “good behavior”?

  3. Tim Spake says:

    Re entering the US after deportation is a felony.

  4. Two individuals who broke the law by entering the country illegally (without authorization- twice) is detained. Two foreign nationals attempts to enter a military base without authorization and are detained with intent to arrest. Tell me what is excessive?

  5. What a mixed up mess…so called servant of the American people jumping at the chance to help illegal aliens instead of citizens… California is gone. Feel sorry for the people who have to live there for whatever reason.

  6. The USA used to look exactly like Mexico, but then we CREATED opportunity… You see, Mejia?… You have to go back to Mexico and CREATE opportunity instead of coming here and stealing OURS!…

  7. “I am a good guy,” Hugo Mejia said

    LOL You’re a criminal.

  8. Are you effing KIDDING ME? THIS is “news?” Pathetic. Californians are complete dolts. lol

  9. A lot of deportations are going to be made to appear heartless and cruel. Deportations can be difficult but the fact of the matter is that illegals knew this when they came here and Obama encouraged them to break the law by not enforcing immigration law. So Trump is cleaning up Obama’s mess.

  10. “The only crime he says he committed is that he came here illegally.” Wait, what? He committed a crime! Period. End of discussion. Buh bye

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