SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – A 1-year-old boy taken from San Francisco by his possibly suicidal father was found safe in Los Angeles Friday night, and the Amber Alert they prompted has been called off.

The father, Jason Lam, and the boy, Makai Bangoura, were found in the Palms section of the city, the LAPD said.

Lam is in police custody and the Toyota Corolla that had been the subject of the Amber alert has been impounded.

After first saying the father and son could be anywhere, authorities a few hours later said they might be heading south on Interstate 5 toward Southern California, and that proved correct.

Jerry Rodriguez, chief of investigations at the San Francisco district attorney’s office, said at a news conference earlier Friday that the boy’s mother went to police Thursday to report that her son had not been returned by his father. He said authorities issued an alert Friday after learning the toddler might be in danger.

The alert warned that Lam “may be suicidal” and should not be approached without law enforcement, but it did not say why he was considered a danger.


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