OROVILLE (CBS13) – Something fishy happened this week at Stanford Avenue Elementary School in Oroville.

A typical Tuesday took a turn for the weird just before noon when the campus was suddenly covered in dead fish.

They were everywhere, all over the playground, in drinking fountains – and as one custodian discovered, even on the roof.

School officials aren’t sure if it was some kind of prank or if it really rained fish.

“My first concern was who was on the campus that we don’t know about,” said Principal Shannon Capshew. “But the campus supes didn’t see any adult, we were covering the whole time.”

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife believes the fish is a kind of carp and is not found in the nearby Feather River.

As for explanations, it’s fun to believe fish were in the forecast – but nobody actually saw the fish falling out of the sky, or could verify that’s where they came from.

Many are wondering if this is even possible, and experts say it is.

Thunderstorms and wind spouts can sometimes pick up small fish from a waterway and carry them elsewhere, sometimes far from waterways.

Back in 2005, a Folsom couple found several fish on the roof and balcony of their two-story home.

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  1. Nik Boldrini says:

    This has happened in many places around the world. Other creatures have rained from the sky such as frogs, salamanders, toads, spiders and worms. always are of a single species and never accompanied by other debris. (from Wiki)

  2. Byron Law says:

    They were obviously hit by a carpnado.

  3. mrakun says:

    Let my people go! next come the locusts!

  4. If you grew up in tornado alley you should have seen something like this..I grew up in tornado alley and have seen it several times. Carp, frogs, tadpoles. How do you think the ponds and lakes across our nation that are land locked with no rivers connecting to them got populated by fish? Was there a Johnny Appleseed person that planted fish in all of these places? I have dug stock ponds to trap water for animals on the ranch. No one stocks them with fish but after a couple of years the fish are there? Where did they come from if not from the sky?

  5. Also seeds, plants, insects and soil, mother nature spreads them all around the planet, storms do a lot more than most people think

    1. also, look how they nourish all the oceans of the whole world

  6. @Dave Hardesty They come from Birds with fish eggs stuck to their legs, then they come off when they land in other ponds, etc.

  7. If they were only on the school property then it was a prank.

  8. “I’m not saying it was aliens … but it was aliens”

  9. Without pics it didn’t happen

  10. At least it wasn’t cats and dogs.

  11. Madonna must have opened her legs again

  12. Was Rham Emanual one of the fish?

  13. Clearly this will somehow be Trump’s fault.

  14. FFS. Yes it is totally raining fish instead of pranksters tossing fish everywhere. This is the critical thinking skills taught today

    Fishes first, then come the loaves . . .

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