SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Loaves and Fishes feeds between 500 to 600 of Sacramento’s neediest every day.

But on Monday, food trucks from SactoMoFo are taking to give back to the community.

The food trucks encircled the parking lot at Loaves and Fishes to create a street fair atmosphere. Guests can pick from American, BBQ, Mexican or Middle Eastern food – all free of charge.

“What it’s about is our guests and it’s a wonderful opportunity for our guests to experience the great and tremendous food that we have that they normally wouldn’t be able to afford, or even find,” said a SactoMoFo organizer.

Sacramento Mobile Food events – known as SactoMoFo – and city councilmember Jeff Harris coordinated the event, which began at 11:15 a.m.

In total, 13 trucks are participating in the event at Loaves and Fishes.

  1. Jason Watson says:

    Lol. Typical leftist illogic. Incentivize being a loser. Why not take these bums and make them work on the farms that are whining about lack of workers. Then they can feed themselves instead of being rewarded for laziness.

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