By Macy Jenkins

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Roseville shoppers were shocked Monday afternoon when a group of men robbed a jewelry store in the middle of the day. With masks on their faces, they used baseball bats to smash display cases at DeVon’s Jewelers in Roseville Galleria.

“They were all in hoodies,” said Ryan Scotten. “Every inch of their skin was covered. There’s no way to know what they looked like.”

Ryan Scotten was inside of the jewelry store shopping for a Rolex around 3 p.m. All of a sudden several men with bats showed up and smashed the glass display cases in the store.

“I hear this banging behind me and I turn around and there are like four or five guys just banging on the display glass,” Scotten explained.

Video captured by a mall employee showed one of the men quickly reaching inside of a display case before running out.

“I dropped to the floor and snuck out of the store, ran out of the mall and hid behind some bushes. And then I saw them all taking off afterwards,” Scotten said.

Roseville Police Department spokesperson Dee Dee Gunther said officers weren’t far behind.

“There happened to be a law enforcement helicopter in the air from another agency,” Gunther said.

They tracked the car to the area of Watt and Marconi avenues in Sacramento. And after roughly an hour of searching the scene, police detained five people and took them in for questioning.

Meanwhile, back at the store, employees cleaned up the glass and closed early after speaking with officers.

“It’s very surprising to me, especially here in Roseville,” said Haley Hergete.

But Alex Nowakowski says the same thing happened a few weeks ago at the same store.

“Since that incident, they started to really raise security and everything like that,” he said. “Now this has happened again so now I’m wondering what they are going to do next.”

The store declined our request for an interview but police say the suspects took a sizable amount of merchandise. After Scotten came out of his hiding spot, he found a watch left on the ground and returned it to the store.

Roseville Police have not made any official arrests at this point.


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