NEWCASTLE (CBS13) – A brother and sister pair of foxes are now in the care of a Placer County wildlife rescue after their mother died.

Gold Country Wildlife Rescue says a Newcastle family found the foxes after smelling something odd coming from under their yard deck. A quick inspection revealed a heartbreaking scene: a dead mother fox with her two babies next to her.

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The two foxes. One appears to be a little shy. (Credit: Gold Country Wildlife Rescue)

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Rescuers set up traps but were only able to catch one of the babies, who are about 8-10 weeks old, at first.

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On Wednesday, the family was finally able to catch the other fox baby. Both foxes were taken to Gold Country Wildlife Rescue, a non-profit wild animal rescue that helps in cases just like this.

Credit: Gold Country Wildlife Rescue

Credit: Gold Country Wildlife Rescue

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Vets aren’t sure how the mother died, but they do not believe she was poisoned as her babies are not showing any symptoms.

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The orphans are now being examined by Gold Country Wildlife Rescue staff. Once that process is over, staff will start to work to find the foxes a permanent home.