SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Family and friends of 25-year-old Justin Vega, who was killed in a hit and run accident, are asking the community to help catch his killer.  Vega was riding his bike to his new job at FedEx on Elder Creek Road in Sacramento when he was hit from behind.

Police say Vega may have been hit around 11 p.m. on Thursday, but his body wasn’t found until almost four hours later.  His sister, Antoinette Aguirre says, even if the driver just made an anonymous call to 911, she believes her brother might still be alive.

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“To hit somebody and not stop. To know that you hit them, and didn’t stop. That could have changed the whole situation,” said Aguirre.

He says when her brother didn’t come home Friday morning from his graveyard shift, she called the company. They told her that Justin never clocked in, but that they did hear of an accident down the street.  Aguirre then went to crash site and saw emergency crews cleaning up the scene – and removing a bike.

“They were walking his bike at the scene and I kinda knew at that point, that it had to have been my brother,” she said.

Saturday afternoon, Aguirre held a small gathering to honor and remember her brother, who they jokingly called “The Beast,” for his ability to always step up to a challenge.

Hunter Everly, who was at the function, called Justin “a brother.” He says Justin always had solid advice for his friends.

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“Stay out of trouble, and keep my head on straight,” he said was one piece of advice Justin once gave him.

Everly says there is a sense of anger among his friends, knowing that the person who killed Justin is still out there.

“It’s not right at all. If you did something and you know you’re wrong for it, you should come up and confess. We are sitting here not knowing what happened. We would like some answers,” he said.

For Justin’s sister, there is a sense of frustration, believing that a phone call could have saved her brother’s life.

“If anybody called — even if you did it and you called, and said, ‘I saw a car accident.’ Anything. It could have saved his life,” she said.

Aguirre says police say they don’t have any leads on a suspect, but they did tell her that pieces of the car were found at the scene. She hopes that evidence will help in the investigation.

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A GoFundMe account has been set-up to help the family plan his funeral.