New Bills cornerback Shareece Wright spent a butt load on an Uber ride to take him from Chicago, Illinois to Orchard Park, New York in order to make it in time for voluntary OTAs.

Apparently Wright’s flight from O’Hare was canceled so the 30-year old, who recently signed a 1-year deal to play with Buffalo, decided he was gonna get there come hell or high water.

Thank goodness for car services like Uber that are just a click away on your smart phone.

$932.08, 550-miles and 8 hours later Wright was delivered to New York. The Uber driver got a sweet $300 tip which is really considerate being that the poor guy now found himself 8 hours away from home.

I can’t help but wonder what the heck these guys talked about for 8 hours. My 15 minute Uber rides are generally filled with the go-to conversations about how long they’ve been driving, which maps service they prefer…you know, nonsense to fill the uncomfortable silence when you’re sitting in a stranger’s car.

And while I appreciate the dedication of Wright I can’t help but question the execution.

My first thought was hmmm…I wonder if this guy knows there are still car rental places in business. I guarantee you can rent a car for less than $932.08 and drive yourself to New York. But then maybe there are other extenuating circumstances.

Maybe he doesn’t have a driver’s license. Maybe he wanted to be able to sleep so he could be well rested (if that’s even achievable during an 8 hour car ride). Or maybe he is one of those people that common sense isn’t in their wheel house.

I’m not gonna rip this guy for his dedication which you clearly cannot question in this case. The guy wanted to make it to a voluntary workout when his travel plans got smashed so he found a way to get himself there. He’s also quite obviously a generous guy. A $300 tip ain’t nothing to sneeze at.

But maybe, just maybe he’s not that bright.

The moral of this story…I think I need to start looking into becoming an Uber driver!


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