SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The lower deck of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge was shut down for hours after officers responding to a crash shot and wounded a motorist who drove at them.

The California Highway Patrol said its officers were investigating a collision about a mile west of the toll plaza around 3:30 a.m. Sunday when a red Cadillac not involved in the crash drove toward them.

CHP Officer Vu Williams said the male driver ignored several commands to stop and the officers opened fire. The man was struck at least once and was taken to the hospital. His condition has not been released.

Two passengers in the car were unharmed and were interviewed by investigators, Williams said.

All eastbound lanes out of the city toward Oakland were closed for at least five hours. Motorists who were stuck on the bridge described a long night in which some mingled in lanes, took selfies, slept in their cars and climbed atop car roofs to watch the sunrise.

“The mood was actually kind of playful for the first hour and a half or so,” Rami Dahud, a 34-year-old Millbrae resident and Uber driver, told the San Francisco Chronicle ( “But as day broke, people started to get really frustrated.”

Some drivers tweeted to the CHP, urging them to get traffic flowing again so they could relieve themselves.

Eventually, officers rerouted motorists through Treasure Island.

“It was unpleasant, but there was a unique novelty to it. Walking around on the bridge at night. Sitting on the Bay Bridge outside your car, watching the sun come up,” Dahud said.

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    So…. why did the Pigs open fire instead of simply get out of the way?

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