By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — California’s treasurer announced Monday newly approved plans to allocate a hefty multimillion-dollar state grant to hundreds of Planned Parenthood facilities and community clinics across the state.

Planned Parenthood’s CEO says the federal threat to defund reproductive healthcare has already forced the closure of Planned Parenthood facilities and more are on the cusp of shutting down. But critics say there’s more behind it.

Myesha Mott and her husband are new parents and first-timers at Planned Parenthood.

“I’m not ready to have another kid right now,” said Myesha.

Myesha and her husband are now armed with free birth control, thanks to their local Planned Parenthood. But down the street at the state Capitol, the nonprofit is seeking an emergency lifeline of its own.

“Funding for vital healthcare services for the underserved is being threatened today by a Republican Congress,” said John Chiang

State Treasurer John Chiang and Democratic lawmakers announced a $20 million emergency grant for California’s health clinics, facing defunding threats from the feds.

“California is stepping up even as others fromWashington threaten to let us down,” said Senator Dr. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento.)

In Northern California, budget problems forced the closure of three Planned Parenthood clinics in recent weeks, but clinicians worry hundreds of facilities face the same fate.

“Many are on the cusp of closing,” said Planned Parenthood CEO Kathy Kneer.

A future without federal funding would be crippling.

“We have to get a fair reimbursement for the services we provide, otherwise women won’t have a place to go,” she said.

“This is fake news,” said Al Rhomberg of Californians for Parental Rights.

Al Rhomberg claims these clinics don’t need more money.

“Twenty million dollars is chicken feed. This is just a political ploy to give some idea there’s some danger, they’re going out of business. They close clinics all the time for business reasons,” he said.

So how much state and federal funding goes to Planned Parenthood clinics each year?

In 2017, California Planned Parenthood affiliates will receive about $330 million. Approximately $60 million comes from the state. Close to $200 million is federal funds.

“They also have a certain percentage of their budget that comes from private paid clients,” said Sonja Petek of the Legislative Analyst’s Office.

According to the analysts who crunch the numbers, big foundations make up about 20 percent of Planned Parenthood’s budget. Now advocates hope those donors will match California’s latest $20 million grant, so people like Myesha won’t be left out.

“If I didn’t have Planned Parenthood where would I go?” she said.

The money’s been approved, but who gets it hasn’t been decided. Facilities must apply. In the next six months, state officials will come up with criteria for who qualifies.

  1. Sam Osborne says:

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