WOODLAND (CBS13) – The sanctuary city debate has made its way to Woodland. The city council will take up the topic after a grass roots effort to get it on the agenda.

Ania Mieszkovska began a group called “Woodland Huddle” earlier this year. They’re now pushing for the Yolo County town to become a sanctuary city.

The city council agreed to put the item on the agenda after several instances of public comment from members of Woodland Huddle.

Mieszkovska says the designation of sanctuary city will ease fears of undocumented people living in the city and would be a partly symbolic move.

“They are not subjected to a routinization of their papers in order to get a service they’re applying for,” Mieszkovska said.

The Woodland city council will discuss its sanctuary city bill at Thursday night’s council meeting. It’s possible that conversation may be irrelevant if Gov. Jerry Brown signs the sanctuary state bill into law.

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  1. Dino Gay says:

    Maybe not fake news, perhaps unknowledgeable news.

    The reporter claimed: “The Woodland city council will discuss its sanctuary city bill at Thursday night’s council meeting.”

    1) There is NO resolution proposed in the agenda item, and
    2) The City of Woodland does not pass bills.

  2. Jerry Cason says:


  3. Your home’s property value is worth less in a sanctuary city,
    because of all the crime and low-income people it attracts.

  4. Linda Sills says:

    I keep hearing what hispanic illegals want… WHat about the original citizens who were here in the beginning…What do those taxpayers want? Where is their voice, my voice? . I don’t want sanctuary city… Laws were made for a reason… Follow them… Protecting illegals will only make us less….I would like to speak english in my city too.

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