Peyton Manning, Kevin Durant, ESPYs, Russell Westbrook Carmichael Dav: Peyton Manning Drags Kevin Durant at the ESPYs – CBS Sacramento
All he had to do was just laugh....

I guess winning a title and a Finals MVP don’t give you a sense of humor.

Tonight at the ESPYs, Peyton Manning made a joke at Kevin Durant’s expense. I’ll save the content for the video, but needless to say it was a version of the KD jokes we’ve been hearing all year. He wasn’t amused.

The ESPYs are contrived and plastic, but there are moments where the athletes create special moments, some funny, some heart wrenching (pretty much every Jimmy V speech). This was some good natured ribbing, and KD had the opportunity to laugh at himself. Instead, he showed off the hockey-sized stick up his ass, and left the world wondering why he wouldn’t just relax and have fun like everyone else was.

Then again, this is a guy who jumped ship from a team up 3-1 on the 73 win Warriors team, only to join his almost vanquished former enemy. So basically, I got nothin’.



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