By Shirin Rajaee

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento law firm known for representing police officers was vandalized overnight on Tuesday, spraypainted with anti-cop graffiti.

David Mastagni was left stunned by the two-word epithet cursing police reading “F—- Cops” that was spray painted across his law firm’s front windows on I Street in Downtown Sacramento.

“Those very words are being chanted by anti-police antagonists across the country,” said founder David Mastagni.

Mastagni Holstedt is known for representing law enforcement officers and some police unions in California. They believe what motivated the vandals to target them was a “Blue Lives Matter” flag flying outside their office that was lowered to half-staff Tuesday in respect for the shooting death of an NYPD officer who was laid to rest.

“It’s just not acceptable the national discourse seems to have permeated the local level,” said City Councilman Steve Hansen.

Hansen, former officers, and law firm staff came out to help clean.

“It’s cleaning up the graffiti, but we’re also trying to send a strong message that this is not OK,” said Hansen.

“Sad to see for the business owner, two wrongs don’t make it right,” said one Sacramento resident.

Police say while it’s discouraging, it’s not seen often in the city.

“It appears to be an isolated incident. We don’t see this in Sacramento. We have a lot of support by our public, by our community,” said Sgt. Bryce Heinlein.

It’s a show of community support at a time when officers around the country seem to need it most.

“It’s unfortunate, but we hope the community steps up and not only supports us but supports this business,” said Sgt. Heinlein.

Police are asking for the public’s support for any information that can lead them to those responsible for the vandalism. 


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