LOS ANGELES (CBS) – An anonymous woman who was eating at a Denny’s in Southern California picked up the bill for a group of firefighters.

The City of Colton Fire Department posted an image of the receipt on Facebook Sunday, thanking the woman who paid for the meals of about 25 firefighters who had just finished fighting a fire in the city.

The bill she paid for was $355 – she even left a $50 tip.

“After all of the firefighters finished fighting the La Cadena Fire in La Loma Hills this evening, they were sent to Denny’s for dinner. While eating, an anonymous woman told the Denny’s staff that she wanted to buy all of the firefighter’s meals,” the Facebook post says.

“We are all honored to serve the citizens of our communities,” it added.

Not only did she pick up the tab, the anonymous woman also bought $100 worth of dessert for the firefighters.

  1. Nice, but considering what police and firefighters make and their benefits, they have plenty of money. Pay for some military if you see them out, they don’t make squat.

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