SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Friday is opening day for the California State Fair. Unfortunately, Sacramento is expected to be sweltering this weekend – with temperatures of 104 and 105 predicted for Saturday and Sunday.

Luckily for anyone willing to brave the heat, there are actually many ways to cool off at the fair.

Here are a few ideas, including some new things at the fair this year you may not have thought of:

1. Refreshing Beverages

Aside from the usual fair food staples like Dippin’ Dots and XXL lemonade cups, the California State Fair has expanded its wine garden area.

Not only does the area feature a lot of shade, a both will also be serving the increasingly popular “wine slushie” drink. Due to demand last year, even more wine slushie makers have been brought in.

Fittingly, the drinks are made with California wine.

2. Indoor Exhibits

The California State Fair’s exhibitions are always a can’t-miss. This year, attendees can go back in time and engross themselves in the world of dinosaurs.

Animatronic dinos and life-sized models will help make what is basically a biology lesson fun.

Thankfully, the exhibit is indoors in an air conditioned room – making it a perfect place to refresh yourself from the heat.

3. Checking Out The Animals

What good is a visit to the fair without visiting the animals? Luckily, nearly all of the animal areas are shaded. The stables will also have fans blowing to keep animals cool, which also makes it a good refuge from the heat – if you don’t mind the smell.

4. Riding The Rides

Because there’s nothing like the wind blowing through you as you reach terminal velocity, right?

5. Going Later In The Day

Of course, the easiest thing to do to avoid the heat at the California State Fair is just going after the sun has gone down. The only problem with this is how you’ll have to deal with larger crowds, since this is how most people try and beat the heat at the fair.

What’s the first thing you do at the California State Fair? Sound off in the comments!


  1. Sorry but number one about staying cool is wrong. Alcohol won’t keep you cool. Try ice and water and some shade.

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