RIVERDALE, N.J. (AP) — Authorities say a woman was driving drunk when she went to a police station to pick up her boyfriend after he had been arrested for the same offense.

Riverdale police say 41-year-old Stefano Mari, of Mendham, was charged Monday after police received a call about a possibly intoxicated man who had just parked his car. A responding officer found Mari’s car was still running and arrested him shortly after he returned to the vehicle.

Mari’s girlfriend, 42-year-old Alexsandra Silvero of West Orange, arrived several hours later to pick him up. But officers suspected that she also had been drinking and eventually charged her with drunken driving as well.

It wasn’t known Wednesday if Mari or Silvero have retained attorneys. Telephone numbers for them could not be located.

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  1. Maybe she was just wanting to go wherever he went..

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