10 p.m. UPDATE: After More Than 100 Warrants, Only 4 Arrests So Far In 2016 Capitol Brawl

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Berkeley teacher has been arrested for her role in a confrontation between neo-Nazis and counter protesters at the Capitol last June.

Yvonne Felarca was arrested on Tuesday night on charges of assault by means of force likely to inflict great bodily injury, participating in a riot and inciting a riot.

She is due in court on Friday.


The charges stem from a rally held by a white supremacist group at the state Capitol on June 26, 2016. Counterprotesters, including Felarca, also arrived to stop the protest.

Felarca, a member of the activist group By Any Means Necessary, attended Sunday’s protest against white supremacists gathering outside the California state Capitol building and gave television interviews after the clash.

In the days following the riot, there were calls to the school for her to be fired, including reports of an email sent to the principal at Berkeley’s Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School threatening to harm students if teacher Yvette Felarca is not fired.

Also arrested was Michael Williams on assault with a deadly weapon and participating in a riot charges. His affiliation in the brawl is not clear. He is also due in court on Friday.

The CHP sought warrants for 101 people in all, but most had their faces covered and were not able to be identified.

A total of four people have been arrested. On Monday, two people were arrested, including William Planer, who prosecutors say was supporting the Traditionalist Worker Party, and Porfirio Paz, a counter-protester.

Planer also faces misdemeanor charges for placing a sticker that read “FIGHT TERROR, NUKE ISRAEL” on a Colorado synagogue.

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  1. Aww, poor little Yvette, her neoliberal paymasters and her unwashed college trust fund commies don’t like free speech. The police are the only reason why you people aren’t curb stomped, honey.

  2. It’s ok Yvonne. Gavin Newsom will pardon you when he’s elected Governor. He LOVES his leftist firebrands, as long as they stay on “Their side” of the Richmond-San Rafael bridge.

  3. about Time this domestic terrorist faced charges.Felarka should be charged with the Berkeley milo event too .What about the people they hurt ?
    She’s the leader and decides what actions they take. She should be charged as a domestic terrorist.With the hundreds of thousand in damages.She is responsible for or her organization BAMN should be sued civilly.
    I saw the SEIU union hall was being used for Antifa training in Portland Oregon.
    Do we have union halls in Bay area and Sac supporting these terrorist groups like BLM BAMN ?

  4. I guess her actions finally caught up to her.

    It’s sad when the “neo-nazis” are the peaceful party.

    Commies truly are the worst.

  5. She is a traitor and a fascist. She should be exiled.

  6. So good to see these commies getting what they deserve.

  7. She’s on camera saying she was going to riot, cause violence and deny them their civil rights to march, which they had a permit to do. It’s a pretty open and shut case.

  8. So according to this Paper, anyone that supports Trump is a white supremacist?. California is a State for Fruit Cakes.

  9. Keep Yvette Falerca in jail BAMN.

  10. I can understand using violence against fascists and Nazis, but defacing a synagogue is crossing the line.

    1. “I can understand using violence against fascists and Nazis, but defacing a synagogue is crossing the line.”

      The “Nazis” and “fascists” weren’t behaving violently. Yet, you “understand” violence against them? You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?

  11. So why does it take more than one year to get around to arrest her? Is this typical?

  12. “Antifascist”.. more like anti-american communist aggitator.

  13. By Any Means Necessary helped create NAMBLA and still supports pedophilia as a sexual preference.

  14. Hey (to the writer) You do realize the people putting on these rallies are NOT supremacists or Nazis right? You just write that stuff to be an ignorant person? Or just to insight hatred toward these people?

  15. Alton Allen says:

    They were not white supremacists but they were white separatists/ nationalists WHO WERE HAVING A LAWFUL AND PEACEFUL rally. Felarca and BAMN came to the rally and ATTACKED the participants. The PEACEFUL rally participants, outnumbered, fought back and did quite well. God bless them! I’ll take a law abiding white nationalist over a violent leftist who attacks people for merely disagreeing. This is the kind of behaviour, along with the refusal of the Left to denounce this, is not only how you got Trump, it’s alienating common people from the Left. Additionally, this news article is deliberately using buzzwords to smear people who were holding a LAWFUL AND PEACEFUL gathering. This is why people hate the newsmedia and, by extension, journalism schools.

  16. This woman should be brought up on RICO charges as well. She is also a teacher. She probably has done irreversible damage to the ideological minds of the youth she teaches. Is she an enemy alien? Looks like the bar of soap has been dropped on the Smith Act.

  17. No doubt the school where she teaches in infected. Is that school teaching the appeal to overthrow Trump? Is the school in question advocating, abetting or teaching the appeal to overthrow Trumps ability to MAGA?

  18. Rick Abbett says:

    It’s about time. Yvonne Felarca is the fascist she portends to protect us from. She has no business teaching children and belongs in prison.

  19. Tim Smith says:

    typical liberal run news. who were the organizers of the so called neo Nazis you best has proof that they are neo Nazis. you are not immune to libel or defamation charges

  20. Her name is Yvette not Yvonne. Not a very credible news source if you can’t even get the name of the person the article is about right.

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