by Marc Woodfork

“Dunkirk” tells the true story of the evacuation of British and French soldiers surrounded by German forces from the city of Dunkirk.   The film stars Tom Hardy, Harry Styles, and Kenneth Branagh. “Dunkirk” isn’t a traditional war film told in a linear way.  There in lies the brilliance of Christopher Nolan. “Dunkirk” is by far the best film of its genre that we’ve seen in years.

The film has very little dialogue to take away from the atmosphere and tone.  Instead, Nolan relies on music and sound to set the stage.  The way the film is shot is very unique for a war film.  In many films, the camera becomes a distracting character that adds nothing to the story.  In “Dunkirk” the exact opposite effect happens.  The camera is a mere witness to the events unfolding.

“Dunkirk” is an instant classic that will be dissected in university film classes for years to come.  At only 107 minutes, which is short for a Nolan film, it works on multiple levels, from the individual stories of heroism to the overall theme of never surrender no matter the cost.

Old School filmmaking at its best, no reliance on CGI to tell the story.  “Dunkirk” is a must-see movie that should not be missed. The story of the incident is also a story that should not be forgotten to history.




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