This is considered by many the slowest time of the year for the sports world.  If you looked around this week you could easily find football countdowns.  I saw the number of days until the start of both college and pro football this week.  Well lets have some fun with numbers.  It has been exactly 100 days since the Sacramento Kings closed out their season and played their final game.  It is only 73 days until their first pre-season game.  I promise you this will go fast.

The NBA has done an AMAZING job at making the sport nearly an all year journey.  The regular season ended back on April 12th but since we all watched the NBA playoffs all the way through the Finals.  The following week gave us an exciting NBA draft with two rounds filled with promising prospects.  The first part of July we all refreshed Twitter as quickly as we could to see which free agent was signing and for how much money.  In between that there were several high profile players getting traded from teams like Chris Paul, Jimmy Butler and Paul George.

The NBA is as relevant as ever.  The NBA is stomping all over baseball and continues to steal the thunder from the NFL.  With the season moving up a bit as well we don’t have to wait long to get our hoops fix again.  The Sacramento Kings preseason begins on October 2nd which means training camp and media day will all launch in September.  We are almost to the dog days of August and if you listen closely you can hear the squeak of shoes and a faint sound of a ball hitting the hard wood.  Hoops is almost here again and for the Sacramento Kings and their fans that is exciting.  The off-season has been good to the Kings and the hope is that it will reflect in some fashion in the regular season on the floor.  I hope so, but either way we don’t have to wait long to find out.


Sacramento Kings Preseason Schedule:

Monday October 2nd  San Antonio at Golden 1 Center

Friday October 6th  @ San Antonio

Sunday October 8th  Lakers in Las Vegas

Monday October 9th  Portland at Golden 1 Center

Thursday October 12 @ LA Clippers

Friday October 13  @ Golden State Warriors


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