By Carlos Correa

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Detectives with the Stockton Police department are analyzing three different descriptions of suspects that were given to them by victims who say they were robbed at gunpoint.

The robberies happened Thursday night, and police say they may be connected.

All three of these robberies happened in different neighborhoods but within a four-hour period with victims having the same description of at least one of the suspects.

Latasha Mitchell of Stockton says crime around the community is bad and only getting worse.

“I don’t want to go to the park no more; I’m going to be scared that it’s going to be me next. Like come on, I don’t want to lose my life or my child’s life and lose things that I worked hard for because somebody wants to be an idiot,” she said.

Shortly after 5 p.m. on Thursday, two suspects walked up to a man sitting on a park bench in Liberty Square. They pointed a gun and demanded his property before fleeing from the scene.

“Grow up, like there are other things that you can be doing, like going back to school, getting a job, doing something for yourself instead of robbing somebody that is really innocent,” she said.

In the second and third robberies, the suspects also pointed a gun at their victims who were all sitting in their cars. The suspects walked away with purses and their hard earn money.

“We’re actually human, like be human, don’t be animals actually doing crime, that’s wrong,” said Mitchell.

Stockton Police say there was one suspect that stood out – each of the victims described one of the suspects as being Hispanic, around 5’5″ in his teens or early 20’s and wearing all black.

“We’re still investigating to see if we can connect the description that the victims were able to give us, see if there is any connection,” said Rosie Calderon, Stockton Police Department.

In each of the cases, detectives say the victims did the right thing by not arguing with the suspects and doing exactly what they demanded.

“It’s better to give up, give up your cell phone or if you have some change in your pocket or if you even have a couple of dollars in your pocket, get a good description of those suspects and then call police immediately,” said Calderon.

Police say if you do sit in your car – make sure it’s always in a public place where there is plenty of lighting and people.


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